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Welcome to Detecting Diary I am Seth Castillo a Simple guy in NY USA. I have good experience. Now I want to share about my Story and Experience through this bog so that you can get your information and intersting story about Detecting. Visit My Official Website Here.

If you think about treasure hunting when you hear the words 'metal detector', you're probably like many other people who have taken an interest in this ever-growing hobby.
These are electronic instruments used to find the presence of metals may be nearby and also hidden metals inside objects.
we have examined the underlying principle used by metal detectors.
Metal detection is a nice hobby for individuals who may wish to find buried treasure, jewelry and coins which have been left behind on beaches, parks and historical relics
Different Types of Metal Detectors. Metal detectors are devices used to find hidden metallic items
Selecting the right metal detector can be confusing, There are many different brands and models to choose from, with just as many variations in features, options.
What I Wish Everyone Knew About Winbest Metal Detector Carrying Case.
The Leif Garrett Collection remains a unique product that both children and amateurs with the passion to collecting coins can use, time and again.